Month: November 2012

status campaign

Lest we forget
Sharpville and its population
Sacrificing their dreams
Putting the struggle on the map
Placing the matter in context
Putting a face to the problem
Human suffering exposed
A people belittled
Sharpeville standing up
Demanding respect
Standing up with pride
Falling with dignity
A population dehumanised
Cheated of the pursuit of happiness
Sharpeville marched
Leading by example
Remembering Africa
Where we come from
Dispossessed of our land
Holding onto our soul
Sharpeville a reminder
Where we should be heading
Always looking back
Losing the significance of the sacrifice
Living in Sharpeville today
Sharpeville still the same after all these years
Punished for exercising their franchise
Sharpeville unhappy
Mistreated by comrades