Month: October 2013


the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania should be placed in the Intensive Care Unit.

the land question is at the forefront of local politics and yet the PAC struggles to remain relevant. 

on Tuesday two PAC members from opposing factions spent the entire hour on Metro FM arguing over internal legitimacy instead of agreeing to disagree on internal matters and selling the PAC’s policy position to the public. 

the PAC is like a team that loses despite having home ground advantage; since its formation it has owned the land issue and yet it is allowing new upstarts to steal their thunder.

it is very sad when an institution like the PAC requires palliative care.


Affirmative Action by Afrikaners

The only way of eradicating poverty and eliminating illiteracy in South Africa is by appointing an Afrikaner to be responsible for the implementation of Affirmative Action, Employment Equity, Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment and Land Reform.

The Afrikaner community is a shining example of the usefulness of preferential treatment as a tool in alleviating poverty and raising education standards among vulnerable sectors of our population.

The National Party excelled at implementing preferential treatment programs; and since there are remnants of it (National Party) in the ruling party it should not be a problem finding a suitable candidate for Cadre Deployment.

Jacob Zuma and the African family!

We are forever bombarded with images of absentee black fathers and yet you’ll never see images of strong, selfless, capable black men, who not only father their own children (on a daily basis) but the entire street or block, on mainstream media!

The media portrays black men as nomadic baby-makers but also castigates responsible black men who marry all their baby-mommies. 

Forgetting that ‘the system’ was designed to weaken the black family via the migrant labour system in South Africa (a system that exists to this day) and a welfare system that rewarded black females who pushed away their husbands in order to gain access to welfare cheques in the United States.

Though I strongly disapprove of Jacob Zuma being President of South Africa, he is a good example of a black man who takes responsibility for his children by marrying those he procreates with.

Africans must re-establish and fortify their family units and avoid defining ‘the family’ in narrow western terms. 

In an African family aunts and uncles are as important to the family unit as the biological parents.