Month: December 2013

Jacob Zuma puts South Africa first!

We need a President in the CEO mould!

Someone to take Brand South Africa to a new level. Mandela’s departure got us more television exposure and goodwill than the World Cup 2010; it also reminded me of a time when we had Presidents that the world respected – individuals who could garner the support of the African continent and the entire nation. Sadly that is no longer the case.

We need a President that can leverage on the very goodwill and take us forward, by inspiring us and challenging us to aim for greater heights as individuals and as a nation. Once upon a time we were a nation of winners but of late we exude mediocrity at all levels. We forever have to explain ourselves after the damage has been done. Even the ‘deaf and dumb’ have literacy problems because apparently they couldn’t understand the sign language guy at FNB Stadium.

Frankly, I am tired of a President who is forever fielding questions about his personal issues. I like Jacob Zuma as a man, a traditionalist, a comrade and a family man but as a President he has serious short-comings.

He reminds me of George W Bush; a man who wasn’t qualified to be a president of anything even the PTA*. I watched him bring peace to KwaZulu-Natal and he was sufficiently rewarded for his effort and contribution. I again thank him for his glorious contribution to the struggle against Apartheid.  

As President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma inspires no confidence or exhibits no presence of mind. I don’t care about his ‘educational background’ but I have issue with his integrity or lack of! He is forever a motion-of-no-confidence away from losing his job.

Leadership is a blessing you receive from a higher power and you convey this to your followers not by manifestos and speeches but by all your actions, intended and unintended. From time immemorial individuals have led, never caucuses or committees or task teams or sub-committees

Someone must bear the responsibility of a decision.

If Mandela had consulted on all issues we would still be stuck at Kempton Park awaiting the outcome of Codesa I to this day.

Fuck collective leadership, there’s no such.

The Office of President of the Republic of South Africa isn’t a retirement package or ‘umhlaphansi’ or ‘a score’.

(*courtesy of Chris Rock)