Month: September 2014

post cards from the future


Body parts packed
Luggage ready for a journey
Going am going
Don’t know why I bothered to pack
Am leaving my baggage behind
Don’t want no souvenirs from the past
Going am going
My soul responsible for the necessary arrangements
Flight plans, bookings, reservations
A rendezvous with peace
Loving arms
A welcome home embrace
A place of belonging
Somewhere my soul has been before
An adventure for me
Following my soul
Migrating like the birds
Drifting with the seasons
Not looking back
Don’t want to tempt the heavens
Taking only what is necessary
Instruments to build new memories
Essential body parts
Going am going
Yearning for a place called home
A tent for my heart in the middle of a desert
An igloo in the Arctic
Wherever my soul points to
Going am going
Looking at post cards from the future

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014

Author of: Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


my family tree


Uprooted from Africa
Transplanted on a plantation
My roots severed
Growing in an alien environment
Growing despite the harsh conditions
Tornados, typhoons, tropical cyclones
Flourishing in an unfavourable ecosystem

My family tree as old as the Boababs
My brothers and sisters
Uncles and aunts
Mommas and pappas
All crying a silent cry
Weeping for those we lost
Left hanging on trees
Southern entertainment
I hate trees
Picnics too

I hate trees so much
Yet the tree only has so many branches
Killing a few at a time
Now they plant private prisons all over the show
Killing millions at a go
I hate trees so much
My attitude is destroying me now
Affecting my family
‘Cos I hate trees so much
My family tree is at risk

I hate trees
It’s not the tree itself
It’s what it symbolises
What it produces
The tree is an accomplice
Aiding and abetting in crimes against my people
The ship that brought us here
The gavel that sends my brothers away
The wooden furniture in the court room
The crosses that burn on our lawns
All made of wood
Not forgetting the branches from which nooses hang
I hate trees for a reason

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014

Author of: Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit

lost opportunity

The spirit which conquers Everest
Similar to the guy who scores the winning goal
Who dances to Olympic glory on slippery ice
With nothing but skates and volumes of confidence
Without such the elements tend to take advantage

Making life an unnecessary guessing game
Where you fail to score when the opportunity arises
Cos you forever contemplating defeat
Busy second guessing yourself, everybody
Especially the very opportunity that sits in your palms
Life without confidence a needless burden

Making a beautiful woman feel like a toad
All because she second guesses the mirror’s reply
Doubts God’s intentions
Disapproves of the work of chromosomes

Making life a living hell
A place where hope wilts
‘Cos hope is nurtured with buckets of faith
Without which a fruitful existence becomes a sentence
Spent chasing after a black cat in the dark of night
Looking for a mishap that failed to arrive

Failing to complement her
Forever looking out for who’s showering her
Acknowledging her presence
Chasing after the butterfly when it has departed from your palms
Losing sight of the beauty presented by the present

Watching milk turn sour
Instead of drinking the damn milk
Living with insecurity
A lost opportunity

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014

Author of: Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit

Oh Maya!

Like a bird
You flew into our lives
Sprinkling words of wisdom
Epitaphs of note
Giving us a piece of your mind
Planting a sense of self
Cultivating hope
Your words are still with us
Your body gone
Your spirit is so alive
All the love you’ve been shown
Will never repay your love for usOh Maya!
You’re truly an angel
A black woman
A woman who spoke her mind
How blessed we’ve been
Like a bird
When summer came to an end
You flew, flew awayCopyright © knox mahlaba 2014

 Author of Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit

Jacob Zuma puts South Africa first!

Jacob Zuma puts South Africa first!

We need a President in the CEO mould!

Someone to take Brand South Africa to a new level. Mandela’s departure got us more television exposure and goodwill than the World Cup 2010; it also reminded me of a time when we had Presidents that the world respected – individuals who could garner the support of the African continent and the entire nation. Sadly that is no longer the case.

We need a President that can leverage on the very goodwill and take us forward, by inspiring us and challenging us to aim for greater heights as individuals and as a nation. Once upon a time we were a nation of winners but of late we exude mediocrity at all levels. We forever have to explain ourselves after the damage has been done. Even the ‘deaf and dumb’ have literacy problems because apparently they couldn’t understand the sign language guy at FNB Stadium.

Frankly, I am tired of a President who is forever fielding questions about his personal issues. I like Jacob Zuma as a man, a traditionalist, a comrade and a family man but as a President he has serious short-comings.

He reminds me of George W Bush; a man who wasn’t qualified to be a president of anything even the PTA*. I watched him bring peace to KwaZulu-Natal and he was sufficiently rewarded for his effort and contribution. I again thank him for his glorious contribution to the struggle against Apartheid.

As President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma inspires no confidence or exhibits no presence of mind. I don’t care about his ‘educational background’ but I have issue with his integrity or lack of! He is forever a motion-of-no-confidence away from losing his job.

Leadership is a blessing you receive from a higher power and you convey this to your followers not by manifestos and speeches but by all your actions, intended and unintended. From time immemorial individuals have led, never caucuses or committees or task teams or sub-committees

Someone must bear the responsibility of a decision.

If Mandela had consulted on all issues we would still be stuck at Kempton Park awaiting the outcome of Codesa I to this day.

Fuck collective leadership, there’s no such.

The Office of President of the Republic of South Africa isn’t a retirement package or ‘umhlaphansi’ or ‘a score’.

(*courtesy of Chris Rock)

Food for thought


African self expression is an economic giant waiting to be shaken from its sleep… merely loving and appreciating ourselves we would be making an investment in our culture.

Economics is a monetary expression of cultural persuasion. Music, fashion, books, tourism, television, cinema, property are extensions of cultural expression.

Our individual choices have the ability to create a market for others like you and me, it is essential that we are align our personal choices to our economic well being.

If you and I spend our hard earned income wisely we will be making a fundamental contribution to solving an age old problem of reversing the flow of  money out of our hands and invest in the uplift meant of our communities.

Food for thought.

Black Woman


I want me a black woman
A woman of colours
An inspiration of beauty
My own Kayembe to rock my world
I want me some Kelly Rowland
Exuding sexiness

A colourful woman
Someone like Solange
Somebody to brighten my life
An agile woman
An energetic somebody
A busy bee

A powerful vixen
Something in the Angela Davis
Kathleen Cleaver mould
A woman who’ll rock her afro
Hold her head high like Nefertiti
A woman who emits black pride
A woman who’ll defend her people with her demeanour

I want a sister like Erykah Badu
Someone who knows her story
Has no time for Tyrone
An outspoken woman
Different from a talkative girl
Not afraid to express herself
Even when she’s quiet
Making a statement
A woman who dresses like an African queen
Makes a statement with her wardrobe
A self-respecting woman

One who’ll age gracefully like Sade
Be herself despite the hype

A beautiful woman
A lady who hails from New Orleans
With a southern gait

An African queen
A Caribbean queen
Maybe someone from The Bronx
Jamaica, Queens

A woman who loves her – a black man
Who understands the need for black love
Comprehends the need for cultural exchange
Ntozake Shange comes to mind
Change how we been doing things
Alter the mind set
Break the cycle of violence
Emotional and otherwise
Between the black woman and her king
Crown ourselves with love

I want a black woman
A black ‘n beautiful sister
A Nubian goddess
A supermodel
Alek, Ajak, Atong, Ataui
Darker than midnight
Setting the tone
Improving the colour scheme
Sudanese women hogging the fashion capitals
Dominating the stage
Dark ‘n lovely

I want a woman who’ll be by my side
Move ahead of me when necessary
A woman who’ll have my back
Give me herself from the back
A woman who can turn scraps into a meal
A chief executive of our home
A lady of the night within the confines of our bedroom

A shapely woman
Who’ll strut her stuff on the side walk
Like she’s on a catwalk
A woman with essence
A woman of substance
With a presence like Lupita
Someone who’ll change the complexion of our fortunes
My ladybird

Want a woman with strong hips
A foundation for my family
I need a strong woman
A pillar of strength
Someone to bear me children
A strong black woman
A Fannie Lou Hamer type

The black woman is the black family
Stuff the rhino
The black family is in jeopardy
Nearing extinction

I want me some black magic
Feel her presence in my radius
She’ll be the circumference of my heart
My world

A diva like Patti
A songbird like Anita
Classsy like Natalie
Beautiful like Winnie Mandela

They don’t make them the way they used to
All I want is someone
Someone who’ll give me some real love like Mary
A black woman
Who loves her – a black man
I love me some black woman

© Copyright 2014 knox mahlaba

Author of: Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit