Africans are dishonest

Most of us Africans despite the location, including myself I guess, we tend to be ‘nice’ about our displeasure at western interference in African political and economic affairs. Instead of being honest, we tend to support the struggle Africa’s liberation during deliberations yet we fail to put our sentiments into action.

We accommodate others by learning their languages, adopting their culture and accepting their version of history; despite all the effort we are still despised. After many years of independence we still refer to each other as if we are subjects of colonial masters, referring to one another as Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone. We speak many African languages, so why then do we continue to think along colonial lines? Especially, when many countries share cultural and linguistc common ground.

If we express self hatred, it probably stems from the shame we have for failing to stand up for ourselves irrespective of the consequences. Ghadaffi was offered refuge in many countries but opted to stand his ground and perish with his honour and dignity intact. The same can be said about many other patriots – Sankara, Biko, Nkrumah, Sobukwe……visionary men who could see beyond pseudo-officialdom, who desired more for the continent, comrades who were involved in the struggle for the total liberation of Africa, economic, cultural and otherwise. Compatriots who placed Africa’s well being ahead of luxury vehicles, plush offices, annual photo shoots at the Oval Office and personal ambition.

Colonisation begins with the little things: the names we give our children, our attitude towards Africa, cultural expression, the books we read, the music we listen to, our dress code, how we treat each other, etc…..Ghadaffi’s dream of a United States of Africa rests in the hands of intellectually and morally bankrupt crop of African leaders and a very incoherent African Union.

We have the ability and power to make substantial change by making the right minor changes in our immediate environment.



  1. Phallic and ithyphallic snake.cult nones.sense 4 the global village so why lie 2 black people about the advancement of civilizations of the human genome. Let go of the past and let GOD USE U 4 A HIGHER CALLING IN CHRIST JESUS!
    B not beguiled by oral sins of the mouth, lips, and the tongue: OralLOT.try that promotes the Myth of the Black Monolith!

    The plantation seer


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