Don’t Shoot

Bullets flying
Another nigger down
Bull’s eye
Shot in the back
Hit right in the head
Shot dead for thinking

Forgetting niggers ain’t supposed to think
Thinking he was an African American
Assuming he had rights like any other citizen
Rights enshrined in The Constitution
In the Bill of Rights
Forgetting others don’t see him as an American
Forgetting others don’t accept he’s an African American
Wanting to treat him like a nigger
A boy in every sense of the word

Everybody silent
Maintaining the same attitude
The South has come up North
Another black man dead
Gunned down
In broad daylight
The nation quiet

Yet when a cop dies
Everybody marches
Cops march too
Even if the cop is only killed in a song
Dies in a rap song
Shot by an imaginary bullet
In the mind of a rapper
Cop Killer was an abomination
Pulled off the shelves
A national outcry
Demanding an apology from Ice T

Yet when a black man dies
It’s business as usual
It don’t matter if it’s real
Or even in the song
Nobody gives a sh***t
Especially us

Put a nigger on his back
Only a 187
Music perpetuating the violence
Singing anthems of shame
Lyrics sung by niggers
Propagating slave mentality
Where are the rappers now
Cometh the hour
Them too are silent
Conveniently losing their voice
Misplacing the mic
Damn I miss conscious emcees

Does it matter who pulls the trigger
Is a white finger more guilty
Is a black finger less guilty
Black men die every day
At the hands of cops
At the hands of brothers
Our silence an endorsement of genocide
Another Rwanda

Sooner or later
If they keep shooting randomly
Killing black boys

Sooner or later
They’re gonna shoot Hector Peterson
Another Soweto

‘Cos black folk are tired
Tired of singing Negro Spirituals at funerals

Tired of turning the other cheek
Tired of lip service

Black folk are tired

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014

Author of: Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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