Just the two of us

I wanna run away
Go somewhere far away with you
Just the two of us
Somewhere we can get lost
Get lost in the surroundings
Somewhere deep in a forest
An isolated place

Where there’s no coverage
No bandwidth
No network
No gadgets and their gadgets
So nature can envelope us
Send us on a honeymoon
Captivate us
Hold us captive
Whilst we hold hands
Make do with bare necessities

You dressed in nothing but a colourful summer dress
The wind sculpting your figure
The breeze teasing your hair
Your dress flaunting its contents
Your face dominated by your beautiful smile
Everything loose
No hang ups
No intrusions
Just nature’s tweets
So we can exchange looks
Share a moment in the woods

Kiss you by the trees
Drown in the depth of your eyes
Clench hands firmly
Embrace tightly
Immerse myself in your company
Soak myself in your aura
Make love to your soul
Lay in the thick of grass
Smell the blades together
Roll in the lush grass
Listen to the stream chuckle
And repay your every kiss with interest

Guide my hands over your softness
As they caress your brown skin
Watch you sparkle like a bottle of bubbly
Like nature intended
Bear witness to your blooming
Watch you become woman
A woman again
As your drown in your own puddle
As you gasp for air
Struggle to contain yourself

Whilst you play rodeo
Bring out the cowgirl in you
As the ride gets jerkier
As the stars and the heavens get closer ‘n closer
Whilst I search the thick of your bush
Seeking the diva in you
Claw my way through the dense of your bush

Pick your petals gently
Tickle your insides with every part of me
Sip from your spring
Bathe in your spa
As serendipity serenades us
Show ‘n tell time baby
As we allow our souls to fall prey to nature’s indulgence
Drown ourselves in love
Rekindle the magic
Re-ignite us

Bring excitement to a quiet forest
Enjoy an intimate dance of the spirits
In the middle of nowhere
Under the cover of bright sunlight
As we breathe country freshness
Breathe life into our love life
Shower ourselves in love
The birds and the bees
The closeness of a forest

Run my fingers all over you
Down your spinal cord
Ruffle your feathers
Make a mess in between your thighs
Part your legs
Wrap your legs around me
Place your toes by your ears
Bind your knees to your breast
Make magic
In between pain and joy
Illuminate our world

As I try bury you in the ground
In the middle of nowhere
Using your gentle hip movements as a guide
The look in your eyes a spoor
The depth of your eyes an abyss
Doing my best to get lost deep inside you
Make you moan
Holla for more
Make sounds and stuff like that
Touch your being
Feeling for the textures of your insides

My thoughts muddled by the state of your wetness
Your walls clasping onto me tightly despite the moisture
Blending our juices, our souls
Engaged in a marathon of love making
Thrusting you towards the heavens
Push me over the finishing line
Bringing me down to earth with your spasms
Echoes of ecstasy
Your calculated grinding
Your femininity
As you chop me down
Come tumbling down like a tall yellow wood
Fall into your arms
Making do with bare necessities
Just you and I baby
Together forever
Fcuk the world!


Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014

Author of: Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit



Author of: Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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