Sooner or Later

The wind howling
Blasting away sand particles suspended in the air
Grain by grain The Sphinx is scalped
A wonder of the world betrayed by nature
Who am I to contemplate an escape
Having little chance to withstand nature’s wrath
A mere mortal exposed to the ferocity of the elements
Nature always wins
Seldom kind
In demise purpose fulfilled
Caught in the eye of a tornado
Twisting and turning against my will
Lost in the scheme of things
Awaked by gale forces
The spirits blowing zest into a shadow of myself
Trapped by ulterior motives
Nature eroding footprints in the sand
Begging the dice with soft breath
Blowing my winnings
Edging foward like a sand dune
A crab on its back on beach sand
Lawrence of Arabia an epic example
Demanding traits wanting more
Not satisfied with a mere existence
Wanting a spectacle
Unable to escape the claws of a character
Swallowed by a figment of my imagination
Standing in the wind
Eyes closed
The sandstorm is bound to cease
Sooner or later
Another opportunity will present itself
The body a tent in a desert
Within lies an oasis
Even nature tires at some point
Sooner or later
Maybe not tomorrow
Or the day after
A reprise is scheduled by the heavens
Sooner or later


Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014

Author of: Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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