Statistics II

(inspired by and featuring #GertrudeAba#)

Black women
Black mothers
Give birth to statistics
Victims of misdirected shots
Flaws of racial profiling
Cases of mistaken identity
Victims of poor wardrobe

Black women
Black mothers
How many boys should perish?
Have their flame extinguished
Half a dozen
A dozen
A score
A century
Black boys been dying for years
Buried alive in industrial prison complex
Victims of disproportionate sentencing
Flaws in justice system
Justice lacking Solomon’s wisdom

Black women
Black mothers
How many mothers must bury their boys
How many women should cry
Wail like a goat in agony
Before you speak up

Black women
Black mothers
The boy from across the road
The boy from down the street
The boy in the hoodie
Could be your bundle of joy
Could be next
Could be next-of-kin

My bundle of joy
Could this sweet little cute angel in the cradle
Be just another statistic
We share a bond like no other
Mother and child
Nobody can understand
The rhythm with which my heart beats
Is this some secret mission being carried out
This just beats my understanding
Holy Moses
They want to kill all baby boys
Just ‘cos they’re black

Black women
Black mothers
Black queens
Let’s cover our princes
Shield them with love
Evil eyes are watching!

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014

Author of: Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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