Playing hangman
A silent cry for help
An act of weakness
Killing those dear to us
Killing yourself
Killing us
Terminating our way of life
Mindset a killer
Man a social animal
Loneliness a pandemic
Town planning destroys villages
Destroying what is not ours
Life a gift
An unsolved mystery
When the assassin and the victim are united
United in an evil purpose
Instigated by thoughts
Nourished by loneliness
Harvested when the heart experiences neglect
Whether real or perceived
It don’t matter to the lonely heart
Overwhelmed by loneliness
Silenced by a silent killer
Fingers not dialing lifeline’s number
Vocal chords colluding
Genitals irresponsible
Eyes shying away
Looking away
Idle hands are tainted hands
Blood spilling unnecessarily
Society wiped out by silence
Only concerned with the events within their picket fences
Their schedule
Their life plans
Their emotions
Their credit rating
Walking by
Not giving a hoot about the next person
Society quiet
Saying nothing
Camouflaging a shame
With a dignified obituary
A futile attempt to save a legacy
Instead of saving a life
Watching the demise of a soul
Folding arms
Silence ammunition
Tomorrow is more than just another day

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014

Author of: Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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