The sleight of hand

When somebody loves you
Appreciates the goddess that you are
No matter where they touch you
The touch makes its way to everywhere
You reverberate with pleasure
Shudder at the thought
Your knees give way
And your senses give in
Every touch a reminder of the last
Touching you everywhere
Ooh baby!
Yes baby
Just there love
Oh my goodness!
Just like that
Right there
Don’t stop
Love what you’re doing
Doing to me baby
More pressure
Oh my goodness
Oh lord
Yes, yess, yess
Touching you everywhere
‘Cos they touched your heart first
The sleight of hand
It’s all in the touch
It’s all in the mind
‘Cos when the heart is full
Overflowing with love
Everything is possible
Baby please
Don’t stop
Don’t stop loving me
Now please massage my other foot
Make love to her mind


Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014

Author of: Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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