Sing Along


When they sing
Sing like only we can
Bring the house down
Welcome angels
With sweet melodic sounds
Angelic voices
Oh we can sing

When they sing
Sing praises
Honour Africa’s finest
Sons and daughters
Heroes and sheroes

When they sing
Sing praises
Martin and Malcom
Lumumba and Mandela
Rosa and Ruby
Oh we can sing
Hum melodies like angels
Break into song
In celebration
In sadness

When they sing
Sing praises
Mugabe and Sobukwe
Sankara and Biko
When they cry freedom
When they sing with tears
Tears of joy
We shall overcome
When they bring the house down
Sing about us
Kingdoms and empires
Kings and queens
Brothers and sisters

When they sing
Sing Nkos’Sikelela iAfrika
Asking God to bless Africa
Her fruits and her children
Sing cheers
Clap hands to the beat
Shake hands to a rhythm
Sisters who made a difference
Brothers who died for the cause

When they sing
Praises and honour
Odes to icons
When they sing
Will you be amongst them
Will they mention your name
Will it appear in the chorus
Stokely and Medger
Angela and Kathleen
Garvey and Nkrumah
A blessed people
Oh we can sing

When they sing
Listen to the harmony
Sweet melodic voices
Walk hand in hand with the beat
Walk hand in hand like brothers and sisters
My cry for my people
Take your place in the choir

When they sing
Sing a song for unity
Will you be there!

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014

Author of: Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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