Black Woman


I want me a black woman
A woman of colours
An inspiration of beauty
My own Kayembe to rock my world
I want me some Kelly Rowland
Exuding sexiness

A colourful woman
Someone like Solange
Somebody to brighten my life
An agile woman
An energetic somebody
A busy bee

A powerful vixen
Something in the Angela Davis
Kathleen Cleaver mould
A woman who’ll rock her afro
Hold her head high like Nefertiti
A woman who emits black pride
A woman who’ll defend her people with her demeanour

I want a sister like Erykah Badu
Someone who knows her story
Has no time for Tyrone
An outspoken woman
Different from a talkative girl
Not afraid to express herself
Even when she’s quiet
Making a statement
A woman who dresses like an African queen
Makes a statement with her wardrobe
A self-respecting woman

One who’ll age gracefully like Sade
Be herself despite the hype

A beautiful woman
A lady who hails from New Orleans
With a southern gait

An African queen
A Caribbean queen
Maybe someone from The Bronx
Jamaica, Queens

A woman who loves her – a black man
Who understands the need for black love
Comprehends the need for cultural exchange
Ntozake Shange comes to mind
Change how we been doing things
Alter the mind set
Break the cycle of violence
Emotional and otherwise
Between the black woman and her king
Crown ourselves with love

I want a black woman
A black ‘n beautiful sister
A Nubian goddess
A supermodel
Alek, Ajak, Atong, Ataui
Darker than midnight
Setting the tone
Improving the colour scheme
Sudanese women hogging the fashion capitals
Dominating the stage
Dark ‘n lovely

I want a woman who’ll be by my side
Move ahead of me when necessary
A woman who’ll have my back
Give me herself from the back
A woman who can turn scraps into a meal
A chief executive of our home
A lady of the night within the confines of our bedroom

A shapely woman
Who’ll strut her stuff on the side walk
Like she’s on a catwalk
A woman with essence
A woman of substance
With a presence like Lupita
Someone who’ll change the complexion of our fortunes
My ladybird

Want a woman with strong hips
A foundation for my family
I need a strong woman
A pillar of strength
Someone to bear me children
A strong black woman
A Fannie Lou Hamer type

The black woman is the black family
Stuff the rhino
The black family is in jeopardy
Nearing extinction

I want me some black magic
Feel her presence in my radius
She’ll be the circumference of my heart
My world

A diva like Patti
A songbird like Anita
Classsy like Natalie
Beautiful like Winnie Mandela

They don’t make them the way they used to
All I want is someone
Someone who’ll give me some real love like Mary
A black woman
Who loves her – a black man
I love me some black woman

© Copyright 2014 knox mahlaba

Author of: Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit



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