warrior queens


I shed tears
I love the black woman so much
She brought me onto earth
Raised me without a dime
I shed tears
When I see her losing her way
Lose her shape
Shedding her clothes
Her flesh forever exposed
Lose her ability to impress
Am crying out loud
It’s my sisters we’re talking about here
For goodness sake
Put some clothes on
You’re beautiful
Let nobody tell you different
Nudity is for your beau
Parading yourself like chickens on the freezer shelf
Stop selling
‘Cos I ain’t buying the sleazy pitch
Our streets resembling strip clubs
Am shedding tears
Society In tatters
When she loses sight of what’s at stake
All goes astray
Confusion running amok
Please my dear sister
Remember who you are
You carry water on your head
Society on your shoulders
And heaven on your hips
I shed tears
Without you the water will never reach my throat
The next generation will never be
When you get it together
You’ve got no competition
Dear sisters
Daughters of Cleopatra
Kathleen Cleaver lookalikes
Siblings of Nefertiti
Warrior Queens
Rock your hair
Wrap your crown
Be your beautiful yourself
Get your groove on
Black woman is power
A goddess in her right frame of mind
Your presence is missed
Only you can put a deadbeat in his place
Tame him like a lion
Twirl him around your finger
Make him do right
Take your rightful place
Forever behaving like cheerleaders
When you’re queens
Lead the way
Hell yeah!
Ladies first
Tame the black man
Shepherd his spirit
An afro your halo
Let your hips remind you
Of the burden you carry beyond the womb
Giving birth is only half time
Raise boys to be kings
Show the girls they can be queens too
Daughters of the soil
They may never say it out loud
But it is you my queens
Yes you
Who holds court
Holds the family together
Sows love amidst hardship
The voices that invite angels to prayer
Ululate at weddings
Scream during conception
You’re the point guard with the magic fingers
The quarterback who calls the plays
The queen that dominates the chess board
Knits the family quilt
Give us direction
So I can stop crying
Shed my tears
Cry tears of joy
Kingdoms are ruled by queens
© Copyright 2014 knox mahlaba
Author of: Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit

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