first base

I wanna play catch
Chase you around the yard
Play baseball with you
I wanna do things to you
Penetrate your soul
Enter your inner sanctity
Throw your baggage into the sea
Pack a new set of memories
Bring sunshine to your world
Be an umbrella
Bathe in the oils of love
Dry your tear wells
Moisten your walls
Make you warm on the inside
Cuddle by the fire place
Feel the heat of our love
Bask in the glow
Hug you whenever you’re in reach
Bring you closer
I wanna ignite the woman in you
Unwrap you like a pressie
Fuck you hard and slow
Steal a base or two
Steal a thousand kisses
Wet long passionate engagements
Cute pecks
Walk barefoot on sea sand
Whilst holding your soft hand
Sometimes a finger will do
Especially your ring finger
I wanna do things to you
Rest my soul in your bosom
Place my heart in your chest
Trust you with all of me
Take you there
Leave an impression on your womb
An expression of my love
Fuck the hell out of you
In between sessions of lovemaking
Punctuate your days with quickies
Let you go rodeo on me
Wrap you in my arms
Feel your shapely behind
Give into temptation
Take you from the back
Search for the bounds of ecstasy simultaneously
Make you scream
Murmur, mutter, cringe, whisper
Gush like the Rivers of Babylon
Yell at the top of your voice
Watch you cascade in a crescendo of delight
Vibrate like a cellphone on silent
I wanna chase you for an eternity

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014

Author of: Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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