You and I


You and I

Two souls
You and I
An accident of nature
Love at first sight
My black star
Words deserting me
Failing to fully appreciate
A soul sister

You and I
A match made in heaven
The stars anonymous
Yet unanimously in our favour
You’re circling my heart like a leopard on a hunt
Desiring your claws
Your teeth on my neck
Never change your spots

My horoscope in love with yours
My moons, your moons in agreement
Geography in disagreement
Earth letting us down

You and I
I see us everywhere I look
I glide into the past
Zip into the future
Floating in the clouds
Sharing the same space
Our moons crashed into each other
Forging a celestial blind date
Indulging in public displays of affection

Two souls
Possessed by the tranquil nature of love
Spirits holding us together
Confused by a clash bodies
A fusion of energies
Sometimes an accident is part of a plan

You and I
In a black hole of love
Swallowing up our hearts
Erasing distance
Pacifying the rigorous terrain between

You and I
Designed before time
Before the Zambezi and Kilimanjaro
Witnessed by the Limpopo and Nyiragongo

You and I
Were always here
Landscapes standing in our way
Trying all they could
Destiny always wins
Completing the puzzle

You and I
Complementing each other
The spots of a leopard never change
What is meant to be will always be
You reaching out from beneath Table Mountain
Stretching my palm from atop Mount Afadjato

You and I
United in love
Though geography has an opinion
The universe has the final say
Love is no coincidence
My black diamond
Reflect my rays
For I am your sunshine
You’re my matching black star
And let’s synchronize our light
Together, we’ll shine forever

Showering you with love
Adorning you in leopard skin
The garb of royalty
My queen
Wishing I was your king

You and I…
An African union

Copyright © knox mahlaba & gertrude aba


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