the figment of my imagination


You’re looking good girl
Stunning to be exact
Ala Vivica
Standing out like a fox amongst hounds
Dumb stricken by your poise
Wishing you could be my squeeze
Love your natural
Filling the room with your aura
Foxy Brown
A shining example of a beautiful black woman
The Il nana
More beautiful when original
Ala Pam Grier
Black women rock
Born with a tan
Product of heavenly intervention
Pigmentation of queens
The figment of my imagination
God’s imagination
Tarnished by evil
Ignorance and bleach
Damaging a Nubian skin tone
Hiding your halo
You in an afro
So angelic
You in an afro
A powerful statement
The queen of my heart
The wind beneath my wings
The black man’s soul provider
Baby how we miss you
Get back onto your throne
Your chariot
Inspire your sons
To love women
Women who resemble their mothers
Shake the black man’s mind
Shag him if you have to
Remind him where heaven lies
Yet remember
You don’t give presents to everyone
Let alone your presence
Stuff every Tom, Dick and Harry
Seek out your king
Get him into his senses
Channel him
You got black magic
Make him do right
The emancipated black woman reigns over her kingdom
Breathes life into her king
No need to dominate
Just remind him of the blood that flows in your veins
Divas, Queens, Matriarchs
Brave like Michelle
Speaking truth no matter the circumstances
Black woman is a natural born killer
Black and beautiful
A symbol of our struggle
Her looks are a powerful statement
God’s imagination


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