open secrets

Throwing down my luggage
Awaiting to be ambushed by the excitement of the children
All the children in the village, including mine, are mine
Each expecting to see their father
Not many men return from the city
Fortunately courage brought me here
Had the common sense to do the proper thing
Nothing ever changes here
We shall feast to song and dance as usual
Hopefully I’ll cast off the city and its demons
Enjoy some quality time in my father’s hut
Allow the mother of my kids to wash away the city and its secrets
And she cleanse herself
Discard the village dust and its open secrets
Excited to see my wife after many months
See her in the tiny number I bought her
Tonight I shall feel her tender breast on my grassy chest
Our desires will meet again
Do things we never discuss out in the open
She shall do her best bed dancing to reclaim her territory
Exchange our knowledge from the mountains
Though the hut can be trusted to keep her moans within the confines
I shall make her howl
So we can blame it on the hyenas
And I shall resemble an elephant flaying its splashing trunk
Whilst she hoots in the middle of the night like an owl
Experience a small death together
Maybe leave a set of bones inside her
Tomorrow I shall entertain the same regiment
In the same hut with a different wife

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014

Author of: Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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