Our galleries tell an untold story
Paintings mounted on cave walls
Bearing testimony to a desire
A need to leave a legacy
Etching sentiments onto rock
Writing manuscripts on pyramid walls
Fusing the present with the future
Relating a story by any means necessary
Captured in song
Orated by griots
Family history compacted in poetry
Telling a story
Reaffirming a desire
A yearning of a people to define themselves
Striving to be an ancestor
A person who leaves a message to the future in the past
The past was once the present
Leaving a contact number
So when the soil swallows me up
The future can still seek clarity on the way forward
Cos without the past the future is a sand castle
Waiting to be washed away by the slightest of waves
The messages from the past are strong foundations
Sitting on atop a tor
Listening to the winds howl
Concentrating on the rhythm of my fragile heart
Seeking eternal wisdom
From the landscape that has seen it all
Writing my story
Albeit in a foreign language


Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014

Author of: Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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