Walking in the dark
Facing on-coming traffic
Going against the grain
Seeking another way
Tired of short cuts
Sailing uncharted waters
Doing my best to accommodate truth
Peering through windows to the soul
Seeing through the cracks in the wall
Surely there must be another way to live
Too many people on the fringes of the mainstream
Society wasteful
Discarding people too
Tonight I share their plight
Lost in a sea of lights
Off the grid
No social networking
Homeless for a few hours
Feeling the challenges they come across on a daily basis
Only if we could differentiate between people and their credit rating
I wish I could walk through the graveyard tonight
Would love to take a pic with a restless soul
And enquire what stops them from resting in peace
Verify if it is their credit rating
Or the manner they lived their lives
Human beings aren’t peripherals nor commodities
Society requires a reboot
A serious reconfiguration of moral fiber
Pity my android phone is flat
Society needs to take a selfie!

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014

Author of: Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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