angel dust

Initially, intrigued by it
Your sense of beauty
A deep devotion to your craft
Your addiction to it
A declaration of the heart

Your nimbleness an advantage
Watching you float about
Sprinkle your magic
Everything you touch
Laying the golden egg

Breathing life into your surroundings
Maybe you’re an elf
A strong sense of things beautiful
Blessed with ability to landscape
The world your playroom
Making a garden out of nothing

A pot-pourri of imagery
A mirror image of the heart
An x-ray of the brain

My heart celebrating
Excited to see its fraternal twin
Though birthed by different wombs
You and I share lineage
Our complexions may vary
Yet our spirits are enchanted by the same melody
An orchestra of stringed instruments
They dance together in our sleep

A fraternal twin
Birthed of a different womb
Whose heart sings the same tune

Both instruments of the same craft
Tattooed by the same ink
Brightening the darkest of days

A friendship blossoms
My kindered spirit
Touched by your wand
Makes me wonder

If you’re an angel
An instrument of God
Cos you could decorate heaven
My heaven at the very least…

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
(featuring: Gráinne Floinn-Uí Ó Bhriain)


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