remember africa

The architecture speaking volumes
Saying so much about a nation
Yet so little about the people
The way people live
Majestic palaces without kings
Homes without fathers

My country beautiful
Home to caverns of history
The galleries bearing testimony
Of kingdoms and civilisations
Merchants and scholars
Replaced with thieves and hustlers
People scarce
Foundations of society shaky
Products of upbringing found few and far between

My country on a dangerous path
The men too scared to lead
Children cheated of comfort
The way people live expressed by architecture
A distant memory on these shores
Everything a sale
Purchasing sectional titles
Partially owning our land
Whilst foreigners occupy the Cape
Brokers immersed in luxury in penthouses
Yet miners live in compounds, detached from family
Living like nomads on ancestral land

People live in villages
Rondavels replaced with complexes for individuals
The process of cultivating people displaced
Displaced by social engineering
Building houses for nuclear families
Extended family forgotten
Sitting on a time bomb

Foreign tendencies tampering with a legacy
The sense of community only a distant memory
Forgetting who we are
Failing to remember

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2009
Author of Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit

Inspired by a speech by Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe titled “Remember Africa”


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