Wringed by circumstances
Clockwise on the outside
Inside anticlockwise
Juice escaping in spurts
Trapped in a spiral
Streaming out
Oozing in all directions
100% natural liquid
Organic thought sprouting
Sweet juices
Pornographic truths
Clothed memories
The world harvesting what it sows
Only a seed on a plain
An orange in an orchard
Belonging to someone else
In the blending machine
Only a pawn in the greater scheme of things
The clock ticking
Somebody thirsty for me
Wanting to drink my insides
From the same fountain of my pain
Giving what juice I have left
The Juice maker stringent
Every drop wanted
Dancing in circles
Cold like orange juice in the morning
A tad sour
But refreshing

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2010

Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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