room service

Yearning for something to eat
A freshly baked doughnut could do
Sprinkled with just enough sugar
A center filled with jelly
Inviting an adventurous tongue to dabble
How I would like to lick all the sweetness off
Taking measured bites
Before engulfing the entire doughnut

Or have a pancake
Spread eagled across the plate

Or entertain an omelet
All the goodness hidden on the inside
Drawn to the filling

The eggs standard
Sunnyside up
Allowing me to suck on the yoke
A messy but satisfying exercise

Or pass on the hot wings
And have some breasts and thighs instead
Oysters are good for another sort of appetite
Combined with prawns
Heaven for the palate

Hungry like lion
At this rate I could eat a human being
Or I could just hang up
Forgo room service
And rather service you
Quench my insatiable desire

Prepare a more fulfilling meal
Squirt honey onto your complexion
Make little golden circles with syrup all over you
Paint your voluptuousness with chocolate

Cook up storm
Bring you to the correct temperature
Watch you simmer
Warm you up, until you boil
With little nibbles all over your skin
Massage your every vertebra with my adventurous tongue

Let my lips mop up after the tongue
Give you mouth to mouth where you need it most
Remove all the wetness off your back
And plant it in the middle of your doughnut

Eat your insides like I would an omelet
Reach for your eggs
For the goodness hidden on the inside
Make little circles with my tongue
Tasting your essence
As your body dances in my arms
Wriggles and wiggles
Excited like strips of bacon in a pan
Bite into the insides of your thighs
As I would a leg of lamb

Toss your nipples into my mouth like turgid grapes
Wrestle your erect nipple stands with my tongue and teeth
Reminiscent of a leachy pip
Devour the valley formed by your legs
Like a watermelon
Attempt to swallow your succulent melons

Give you an energy drink
A banana flavoured milkshake
Whilst I gently enjoy the kiwi fruit that grows in your valley
Yes, Ms Yumminess!
You’re my breakfast, lunch, supper
My everything

Love is the secret ingredient of all recipes
Turning scraps into a hot meal
Making sex lovemaking
Bringing heaven onto earth
Bon aperitif


Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author of  Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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