Born from an ovum and a sperm
Two eyes, two ears
Bearing in mind
Everything happens in pairs
The physical and the spiritual
Life two-faced
Beautiful yet ugly
Setting a standard
Given that we have two hemispheres
A sum of organs specifically for thought
Lust and love
Giving birth to the next generation
Forcing the issue
Promoting single parenting
Betraying parents tasked with doom
Everything happens in pairs
Raising children a thankless occupation
A task for two
Even if it’s only for demonstrative purposes
Show ‘n tell
Focusing on issues beyond our mandate
Nature’s territory and sole preserve
Parenting a dance
Single parenting a fallacy
An oxymoron used by morons
‘Cos it takes two to tango
Forsaking the equilibrium of sexes
Creating an androgynous population
When nature demands two sexes
Frustration permeating everywhere
The physical and the spiritual
Bearing in mind
The picture before us two-dimensional
Lacking depth
Tangible and abstract
The future and the past
Life a duet


Copyright © knox mahlaba 2009
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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