speak out!

The heart out of line
Going beyond its mandate
Conjuring up ideas
Poisoning the intellect with silly thoughts
Causing a parting of lips
Leaving an ample gap
Glaring enough for enamel to shine
Laughing at the silliness of it all
The thought of it
Delivering a smile
The heart demanding so much!
Ignoring consequences
Placing a life at risk
The body in an awkward position
Behind enemy lines
The heart wanting much too much
Demanding everything
Posting teasing messages
Pursuing a silly notion
Colouring the world
Taming a beast
Caressing the ego
Luring the soul into a booby trap
Conceiving a miracle birth
Conjuring up a possibility
Confusing infatuation with love
Running in the wind in an open field
All in anticipation
The heart playing matchmaker
Without the consent of the other party
Desiring what the heart wants
Pursuing a mirage of open arms
Warm meaningful embraces
Sometimes you got to follow your heart
Chase after your dreams
Speak out!

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2013
Author of Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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