Where do I begin
Not sure how I got here
Poetry is you and me
The way brothers exchange complicated greetings

The way her hips move
How her lips say I love you
What we do when our bodies are in sync
How we blend our souls
Uplift our spirits

The way we dominate the dance floor
Bring life to the mic
It’s all about the flow
Rhythm of thought
Essence behind the actions
The meaning to the words
Yet it’s nothing without feeling

It’s the woman who warms my bed
Who opened up my heart
Taught me how to love
Feel again
Express my emotions
Touched my soul

Like Garvey and Malcolm
Biko and Sankara
Poetry is political
Like Kathleen talking about an Afro
It’s a sister who knows she rocks
By being herself

Poetry speaks to my soul
It’s my calling card
The way ancestors communicate

It’s the ability to see the sun on an overcast day
Paint words of sustenance
Draw inspiration from surroundings
Phrases constructed by angels
Yet it’s nothing without appreciation

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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