night out

 A girls’ night out
All the ladies looking fine
Beautiful perky bottoms
Full bodied women
A black man’s dream

Celebrating a dawn
A birth of a new era
Redefining the black woman
Recognizing her part in the current demise

Sisters set to effect change
Letting go of alien standards of beauty
Unleashing their creativity
Styling her hair as she wishes
Cognizant of the subliminal messages
A woman’s choices have a ripple effect

Minding her manners
Giving respect
Demanding respect
Singing Aretha’s tune
Dancing to Stella’s groove
Acknowledging her value
Leveraging her power
Accepting her responsibility

The woman is a catalyst
From high society to the ghetto
She rules
Sets the tone

Toasting to a new beginning
Where women hold court
Play for the team
Share responsibility
Raise her standards
Adopt ninety day rule

The family requires championship material
Women who play for the ring
Keep their fingers crossed
Their legs together
Forging a family unit

No matter how beautiful she is
The MVP always plays for the team
Bottoms up
The future looking bright
Celebrating a change in attitude
Queens are back

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014

Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit



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