tower of babel

Everything that goes up must come down
Newton’s discovery an accident of nature
A natural phenomenon
One day money will fall like the Tower of Babel
Not just the value of a currency
But money as a whole
Fall like an apple off a tree
And people will rise
Regain their lost dignity
Become important again
Super cede profit margins
Matter once again
Like the faces on the dollar bills
The general on the franc
The queen on the pound
Your street will be just as important as Wall Street
So we can have fewer people on the streets
Shorter lines in soup kitchens
Everybody in a house somewhere
Doing their best to make it a home
Bring back our old folks from Florida
Grandchildren spoiled by grandparents
Family playing with family
Gravity must intervene soon
Force us to become people again
Tap into our greatest natural resource
The human spirit
Mold us into a community of nations
Citizens of the world
When the tower comes down
We’ll cease to kill each other for nature’s wares
We’ll build bridges
Extend a hand of friendship
Liberate the human spirit
And speak with one voice

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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