the price of peace

A place of peace
My home away from home
A battlefield in the middle of serenity
Fighting to the death
Dressed in an armour of concentration
Focused solely on events within the 64 squares
Anything and everything beyond immaterial
Including life itself
Knights, Bishops, Pawns
Laying their lives to protect the kingdom
Paying the price of peace
Queens marshaling the troops like Cleopatra
Chess a microcosm of reality
Castles and Rooks in my corner
Defending my strategy
My person
Occasionally suffering defeat
A gut wrenching experience
Inflicting a deep anguish
In my world
Though poetry and chess do battle for my soul
In times of despair
Poetry is my nightingale
Stopping the bleeding
Picking up the pieces
Uplifting a crushed soul

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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