A continent caught unawares
Pillaged for her wares
Sedated by foreign charms
Designer diseases spreading fear
Suffering from sleeping sickness
Africa stoned
Her children hooked on drugs
Could call it a co-incidence
A conspiracy more appropriate
Her human face defaced like the Sphinx
A parasite in her midst
The shrouded figure
Stays in a beautiful house
The shrouded figure
Forever lurking in the shadows
Scheming in the dark
Sowing division
Suffocating fertile soil
Bringing only death wherever he sets foot
A bloodsucker
Africa suffering from sleeping sickness
Blaming the tsetse fly
The shrouded figure
A hyena
A snake
Foreign aid a disease


Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


Inspired by Daniel Chester French: Continents: Africa.

Gateway to images of Daniel Chester French’s sculpture, “Africa,” found at the Old U. S. Custom House, New York City, New York.


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