Month: November 2014

breaking news

News flash on the screen
Lies on the airwaves
Tear gas clouds in the air
Taste the bitterness in the air
Tired of make believe

They never gonna love us
Truth a bitter pill
Make believe is killing us
Unity the only choice
Being black and powerful the only hope
Fight power with power

All these events
Current and past
Familiar like an old southern ballad
Dixie is a state of mind
Growing in a quiet field of ignorance
Under the shade of Maple and Magnolia
Under the guise of law and order
Lost count of the collateral damage

Marching to a different tune
In another funeral procession
Billie singing the blues
Burying another accident of the men in blue
Black children are still ‘Strange Fruit’

Nothing’s gonna change
Victim mentality bears no fruit
Change begins with you
My spirit stronger than ignorance
Removing bitterness from my lips
Making history

Sowing love with greater accuracy
My kind taking priority
Tired of make believe
Spreading knowledge
My words mightier than bullets

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit



Something amiss
My frame of mind fractured
Am struggling with my mission
Enduring a great difficulty
Living without an anchor
I as a man am incomplete
Needing a piece of a puzzle
Living without you jeopardizing our existence
For without you
Queen of queens
My soul restless like the rustling wind
Wandering aimlessly in a desert
Searching for my resting place amongst thorns
I as a man am incomplete without my woman
My black star on the horizon
My rock of understanding
My oasis
Pillar of strength why do you forsake me
Discard me to the wolves
Leaving me for dead on a dirt road behind enemy lines
Scattering my pleas across the plains
Yearning for a fertile patch
A place to grow love
Irrigate our union with tears of joy
Sending my cries from atop a lonely mountain
Listen to the echo carried by the wind
I as a man am an incomplete being
Save me from wine, women and song
Nubian princess are you there

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


My sisters lonely
My sisters caught unawares
Filling the penitentiaries
Too many brothers doing too much time
Some awaiting trial
Successful brothers fishing in another pond
Sisters fighting for the rest
Unwilling to share
So a few get the ring
Too many single mothers
Far too many frustrated women
Fatigued by the wait
Tired of visiting rooms
Disappointed by the odds
Angry at themselves
For being too damn materialistic
Brothers behind bars because
Nabbed by expectations
Doing life because of the finer things in life
Diamonds and pearls
Whims of women
Vanity tampering with the soul of a community
Single ladies getting their groove on the side
Children cheated of a father for life
The father figure history
Stolen by desire for the dollar
Even though it’s unintentional it is the case
My sisters’ expectations filling the penitentiaries
Clogging the prisons
Blaming playas
Faulting the system
Ignoring the hands on the wheel
Our part in the genocide

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit
Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit

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sparkling revelation

The hue of nature
A carbon copy of the universe
She is melanin
Mother nature has wide hips
A bountiful rear too
An afro is her aura
Blessed with a seductive rhythm
An ability to harness life
Nurturing nature in her womb
She is a goddess
Delivering us from the evil of abortion
Beautiful like the stars
Viola Davis coming to mind
Anchoring the trinity
Breastfeeding the Messiah
Tell them I said that
Wrote it in black and white
Pity I can’t etch it into eternity
Hieroglyph it onto a pyramid wall
A memo for generations
Current and future included
But your mind will suffice
Truth needs to be told
The Madonna adorning the walls of the Vatican looks like me
God is a she with a complexion like mine
She orbits the entire galaxy
Her harmony understated
Her presence felt
Her scent perfume
Her beauty lying in the beholder of truth
I am only a disciple of truth
Inspired by a black star
Stating the obvious
Even a diamond has a black history
Your complexion like mine a blessing
A gift from God
She is supreme

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


She was a lonely flower
Summer cuts loved her curves
Built like Coca-Cola bottle
She bloomed in floral dresses
She was very classy
Full bodied like a glass of wine
She fitted perfectly in my arms
Bronzed onto the sides of my heart

What we did that night
In those few stolen moments
Will forever linger in my thoughts
In my conscience
She took off everything
Leaving only her wedding ring
Leaving its complications outside the door
Climbing into me
She erupted like a volcano
Purging her frustrations
Magma pouring out
Lava flowing all over
A competent lover

One moment she was there
By the mirror by the desk
When I woke I was alone in an empty suite
All the evidence from the night before was there
Empty champagne bottles
A portion of strawberries
The cream
Bath towels with initials lying all over the show
Designer clothes dispersed randomly
I could still hear her echo
Her perfume was still here but she was gone
Like a phantom she disappeared
Leaving the ‘Do Not Disturb’ tag on the door
Returning to her complications
The sanctity of her vows
I’ve never disturbed her since
Her aroma has never left me
Her voice…

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit

sailor boy

All aboard
Bring all your possessions
All of your strength too
This no round trip
Say your goodbyes
We never coming back here
If at all we make it back
You see the shipwrecks on the rocks
You see the graves
See them depleted souls
Them too were once buoyant
On this journey wishful thinking is useless
An unnecessary luxury
Confidence a requirement
Pails and pails of faith
‘Cos there are storms up ahead
Rough seas on the horizon
Stay alert
Remain vigilant
Smooth seas never made no accomplished sailor
Sailor boy!
You see them mermaids
Approach with caution

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit

punctuated pauses

I could fall in love with you
Share a magic carpet in a fairy tale
Float in the clouds
Fall in love with you
Just to watch your lips
Whisper softly
Move with fluency
Express eloquence
Articulating an opinion
Fall in love with you some more
Watch you eat cake
Sing a melody
Blow bubbles
Entertain babble speak
Your lips like your eyes
For no particular reason
Only because they’re yours
And everything you touch turns into awesomeness
Baby I could fall in love with you over and over
So I could be near when you make incomprehensible sounds
Hear you moan
Listen to your playlist of words
Punctuated pauses
Elegant words
Sensual phrases
Bitch if you have to
So I could shut you up
With a dab on your lips
Followed by a deep passionate kiss
Kiss you ‘til you learn to speak in tongues
Colour my lips with your lipstick
I am in love with you

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit