lullabies of pleasure

I hold my love with jazz hands
Take her in with lunar eyes
Her sunny smile filled with naughty undertones
Her earthly skin tone glowing
Appreciated best with soft touch
Entertaining sensual thoughts
Engrossed by her feminine charms
Kissing her in parts
I stand stark naked before her
Exposing my soul
Touching her with tenderness
Jazz hands are fabric softener to the soul
Her island skin more like a membrane
Pheromones permeating
Felt best with baby soft touch
Sensitive like a touch screen
Taking baby steps to eternity
Gentle thrusts of desire
Measures of delight
Opening windows to her soul
Her Lola Folana eyes sparkling in the dark
Her beautiful eyes conducting the symphony
In my arms she’s no saxophone
Larger than a sex symbol
An icon of beauty
An instrument of passion
An orchestra of ecstasy
Singing jazzy notes at the top of her voice
Heaven and earth singing along
Angels watching my angel become angel once again
Dancing to orgasmic tunes
Singing her song
Lullabies of pleasure


Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit




  1. Very beautiful poem. I too write poetry & want to have mine published. Any tips for a poet like myself who has been writing since i was a youngman of how to find a publisher.


    1. Thank you, kind words from a fellow writer are even more meaningful. You need to interact with publishers or research the self publishing route. I decided to self publish, my book ‘Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit’ is available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Good luck and keep writing!


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