sparkling revelation

The hue of nature
A carbon copy of the universe
She is melanin
Mother nature has wide hips
A bountiful rear too
An afro is her aura
Blessed with a seductive rhythm
An ability to harness life
Nurturing nature in her womb
She is a goddess
Delivering us from the evil of abortion
Beautiful like the stars
Viola Davis coming to mind
Anchoring the trinity
Breastfeeding the Messiah
Tell them I said that
Wrote it in black and white
Pity I can’t etch it into eternity
Hieroglyph it onto a pyramid wall
A memo for generations
Current and future included
But your mind will suffice
Truth needs to be told
The Madonna adorning the walls of the Vatican looks like me
God is a she with a complexion like mine
She orbits the entire galaxy
Her harmony understated
Her presence felt
Her scent perfume
Her beauty lying in the beholder of truth
I am only a disciple of truth
Inspired by a black star
Stating the obvious
Even a diamond has a black history
Your complexion like mine a blessing
A gift from God
She is supreme

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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