breaking news

News flash on the screen
Lies on the airwaves
Tear gas clouds in the air
Taste the bitterness in the air
Tired of make believe

They never gonna love us
Truth a bitter pill
Make believe is killing us
Unity the only choice
Being black and powerful the only hope
Fight power with power

All these events
Current and past
Familiar like an old southern ballad
Dixie is a state of mind
Growing in a quiet field of ignorance
Under the shade of Maple and Magnolia
Under the guise of law and order
Lost count of the collateral damage

Marching to a different tune
In another funeral procession
Billie singing the blues
Burying another accident of the men in blue
Black children are still ‘Strange Fruit’

Nothing’s gonna change
Victim mentality bears no fruit
Change begins with you
My spirit stronger than ignorance
Removing bitterness from my lips
Making history

Sowing love with greater accuracy
My kind taking priority
Tired of make believe
Spreading knowledge
My words mightier than bullets

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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