Startled by ambiguity
Place your fear by your side
As you attempt to decrypt my words
Never mind my handwriting
Pay no attention to language
Wrestle with meaning
These nomadic scribbles chart an unknown path
Where it leads to is up to the ambitions of your heart
Hang your thoughts amongst the tops of the trees
Discard the deceit of your eyes
Chew on what is before you with the depths of your heart
This message is from the past and the future
Time immaterial
Forget what I mean
What you feel essential
Seek your meaning
Dramatise your understanding
Glance into your wells of existence
Juggle the intangible
Harness the meaningless
And the meaningful alike
Lose sight of your immediate ecosystem
Venture towards eternity
My purpose of no consequence
Yours a different matter altogether
Page through the time travel of emotion
Drown in the thoughts of a mere mortal that you are
The closer you come to terms with your eminent demise
The secret of life will appear before you
For your eyes only

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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