love II

Love II

Love is majestic
Mightier than the bullet
It is love
Love for her people
Love for herself
Making Rosa realise she tired
Love is stronger than hate
Turning songs sung in captivity into Negro Spirituals
Songs sung with hope
Love is the soul of a people
Making Martin turn the other cheek
Love for his people
Inspired Garvey to build a fleet
Love dresses dreams
Produces U.N. I. T. Y
Forges brotherhood like a Black Panther
Gives five on the black hand side
Makes the hood into Hollywood
Turning kids into stars
Planting a seed of hope on a plantation
A glimmer of hope in private prison
Love is considerate
Wearing a condom in dangerous times
Standing by his woman
Uplifting her man
Raising their child
Love for his people
Taking Malcolm to Africa
Love is colour blind
Doesn’t differentiate between red and blue
Love is black ‘n beautiful
Listening to Kathleen break it down
Love is a sister in an Afro
Affirming her looks
The looks of her people
Love reads the situation
In short supply of late
Too many brothers on their backs
Too many sisters on the street corner
Families torn apart
Kings and queens on opposing poles
Love is a secret ingredient
Love never fails
Stands its ground
By any means necessary
Love is the love of people
Bringing families together
Love conquers all
Love is the new black

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2015
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


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