that night

The moonlight lit our faces
Our lips locked
She loosened my tie
Undid my shirt
Unbuckled my belt
Her hand made its way below
Feeling my armoury
Playing with my jewels
We kissed
Continued to kiss like teenagers
Our mouths not perturbed
Nor distracted
I unclipped her bra
Removed her top
Cupped her breasts
Unzipped her skirt
Watched it form a puddle around her ankles
I kissed her everywhere else
She returned the favour with interest
That night we redecorated her kitchen
Illuminated my world
We danced in the moonlight
Made love standing
Against the counter
By the stove
Up against the refrigerator
That night
She was amazing
That night
She gave as good as she got
That night
Deserves a standing ovation

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2015
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit

#erotic #eroticpoetry #sensuality #romance #love #lovemaking #singlemom #singles


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