Month: April 2015

supa woman

her fingers jogged on my back
sliding down my spine
sending impulses to every corner
each hair standing straight
blood racing
heart throbbing
my mind at ease
her mouth joined the fray
my eyes entertained
her tongue was on top form
she reminded me of her super powers
her heart was into it
please don’t stop
my voice deserted me
her lips sang like Maraih
she dominated the mic
making me happy

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2015
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit

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one of a kind

Like a warrior
She wrestled her heart
Like a sailor she calmed her stormy seas
Wiped her tears
Negotiated her fears
Exposing her might
Accepting my weaknesses
Celebrating my short comings
She overcame many challenges
Like a cowgirl
She mounted me
Climbing on top of me
Like a mountaineer plants a flag
She planted herself onto my heart
Her accomplishment
Taming me like a restless mountain
One of a kind

Knox Mahlaba
Copyright 2015
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


In the morning she was by my side
The sun peeked through the gaps in the curtains
When she got up
She peeled off me like mango skin
Like a band aid it hurt
My body hair caught a fright
My mind partly cloudy
Still in a daze
Drunk from a little bit of sleep
Tired from hours of erotic manipulation
Immersed in the night before
Never knew sex tasted like a milk shake
Never knew pleasure could be so unbearable
Stroking each other’s backs with open palms
Our hands holding on tightly
The still of the night so comfortable
A stolen moment utilized to the full
We fell into each other’s arms like we belonged
We dazzled one another
Exchanging the initiative
Tantalizing interactions
The moon witnessed a miracle
A coming together of minds
Souls intertwined
We made love to the universe
Made time come to a standstill
And watch
As we slowly moved in and out of each other
Out of grasp and back again
Raw passion chewed up each second
I swallowed parts of her
She swallowed all of me bit by bit
Imagination is a sexual organ
An out of body experience
She stirred me like a pot of porridge
Grinding me to the edge of excitement
Going up and down at the exact moment
I took my time
I was patient with her
Bringing her to boil like a pot of soup
Slowly blending the ingredients into the broth
Feeling her peel away from me this morning
Brought so much regret
Only if the sun had not found her
We made love like we belonged
Last night belonged to the stars
We to others
We played with borrowed time so beautifully
The universe was so kind to us
Giving us a stolen moment
Taking us back in time
Last night we were stars
Love is abstract
Intangible until you fall into the right arms
Love is real

Knox Mahlaba
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit
Copyright 2015

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