At a crossroads
Finding myself here
Faced with a conundrum
My heart yearning for more
Yesterday gone
Dearly departed with its dreams
What my heart wanted yesterday immaterial at this moment
Thirsty for much more
More of the same no longer sufficient
Today here now
Experiencing a change of heart
Desiring a lifestyle change
No make over
A complete revamp
Something parallel to nature
Attuned to the wild
An animal like the rest of the kingdom
Seeking my habitat
Somewhere with no road signs
A nook compatible with my soul
Asking nature to co-habit with me
Overwhelmed by a humbling realisation
Am no different from an ant
Healing a bleeding heart
Shaping a misguided mind set
Nature’s garden landscaping my sanity
Wanting a tomorrow filled with peace
A place where I can touch somebody
Touch them like the way nature touched me
Make a difference in an indifferent world
Listening to the voices of a forest
Experiencing a homecoming
A resting place for my spirit
Where serenity grows

knox mahlaba
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit
Copyright © 2015


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