private dancer

She was sublime
She danced her way into my heart
Enchanting a lonely soul
Capturing my imagination
Surpassing all expectations
She was my private dancer
An opinionated woman
Very articulate
Using body language
To make her intentions known
Arresting my attention
Teasing and taunting me
Getting what she wanted
She was gifted
Blessed with rhythm
The right proportions
Pulverizing the pole
A demon in bed
She was the lady in my life
Holding my hand
As we made our way to heaven
Or on the side walk
She dominated me like a lady should
Adding softness to a harsh existence
Changing my perspective
She comforted me like no other
Never mind she was beautiful
She was mine
Heart and soul
She gave me a mouthful of hugs
Mandatory goodbye kisses
Extraordinary French kisses
When she stepped on my toes
She would recalibrate me
The make-up sex was to die for
Her routine between the sheets was anything but routine
She was the love of my life
Going beyond the call of duty
Making me happy
Giving me something to smile about
Giving me what I wanted
Though her kisses were priceless
It was her presence that mesmerized my imagination
Her presence in my life was an eternal lap dance
She is the lady in my life
My private dancer

knox mahlaba
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit
Copyright © 2015

#sensualpoetry #eroticpoetry #erotic #romance #love #passion #sex #lapdance #privatedancer #tinaturner #poledancing #striptease #kiss #heart #soul #beauty #presence #heaven


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