Not too long ago
I used to listen to you
I got to know you and your whims
We could kiss forever
Hold hands for an eternity
Cuddle for days
Shag like porn stars
I could undo your shirt
Unzip your desire
Immerse my head in your bosom
Nibble on your nipples
Let my naughty fingers run amok
My hands got to know you even better
You gave the best head
I had the freedom of the city
Pull up your skirt
Play with you
Kiss you where you wanted
My tongue made you do cartwheels
Back then
You were my every woman
My soul provider
I was privileged
I could run a bath for you
Watch you touch yourself
Burst your banks
We made love in every way
Anywhere and anytime we wanted
Behind closed doors
Under open skies
Back seat of my jeep
We were held captive by love
Today we too busy
Arrested by complacency
Way too busy to celebrate our love
Too tired to acknowledge each other
You don’t talk dirty too me no more
We don’t talk period
Baby love
If you can hear me
Pull up to my bumper
You remind me of something
My girl
Fcuk your schedule
Your body is calling

knox mahlaba
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit
Copyright © 2015


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