Month: November 2015


Do I not bleed

Suffer from blood loss

Gain relief from a supply of blood donations

Isn’t my blood red

Or is it a darker hue like me

Does it not colour the same

Does it belong to a lower caste

Since when was blood real estate

Its value enshrined in its location

Just cause my blood spills on the earth

And yours on the pavements of the big apple

On the sidewalks of leafy suburbs

Of the city of romance

Is there a greater love than one love

The love of mankind as a whole

Or is blood like cuisine

Appreciated selectively

Adjudicated primarily on its origins

Then why do the markets celebrate loss of blood

On one corner of the globe

Why do you toast my loss of blood with the best champagne

Flaunt blood diamonds at your dinner parties

And not only mourn your shedding of blood

But expect the world to mourn with you

Why is my loss of life a bloodless coup

And yours a massacre

Should I script my concern with blood and a fountain pen

To get some clarity

Is everything tainted by global positioning


Knox Mahlaba

Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit

Copyright © 2015