I thirst

Not for water

Or its over rated alter ego

I desire the quiet of a mountain top

The fresh air of the surroundings

Bountiful bird life of a wetland

The bustle of the valley

Somewhere where nature still dominates

Where life thrives

And wilts as the seasons dictate

So I can sip spring water from cupped hands

Bathe in a hidden lake

Cascade down a waterfall

And leave the bright lights behind

City life is an oxymoron

Drive by shootings

Traffic and congestion

Pollution infested air

Living in a confined space

Limited be by-laws

Bottled water is a hoax

There aren’t enough springs in the woods

To quench the thirst of greedy pockets

Mineral water used to be spring water

Until convenience lost its patience with nature

Now there’s more spring water in a single supermarket

Than nature can produce around the globe

More emissions than nature can consume

Consumerism is killing us

Plastic bottles everywhere

Plastic bags choking the earth

You habits are fanning a genocide

Poisoning the well we drink from

I thirst

Not for water

I thirst

For the knowledge of the first peoples

Native people with colourful markings on their faces

I desire their make-up

People who depicted respect for nature

Selling water was out of the question

True owners of the land


knox mahlaba
Copyright © 2016
Author of Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit



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