african american

we was always beautiful

We was always beautiful
Even when our collective memory didn’t recall
When we were called names
Suffering from a trauma induced amnesia
When we couldn’t recollect who we are

We was always beautiful
Even when your mentality refuted a glaring fact
Black is beautiful
You know what I am talking about
Am referring to your plantation mentality
Your self-defeating attitude right there

We was always beautiful
Thank goodness for the brothers and sisters who recognised
Focused on a glaring fact
Glorified by the halo of the afro
Dressed in black garb from head to toe
Leather jackets, polo necks, berets
Armed with knowledge
Reminding us against our will
Coining a phrase with no change in our pockets
But bold enough to change many a mind set
Including mines and my generation
Cos black is beautiful was the platform of my birth
When I realigned my mind set instead of my facial features
When I parted ways with the moonwalker
When I parted ways with insecurity
Embracing my coarse textured hair
My broad nose fulfils its primary objective
Keeping me alive with a constant supply of my stash
Hooked on oxygen by default
Trying my best to breathe

We was always beautiful
When our skin was undiluted
When it was diluted
We give the world its true complexion
Cos our souls will never be diluted

knox mahlaba
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit
Copyright © 2015

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pitch black afro

Dark like earth
Wish I was dark like the universe
Watching Earth like the moon
Vigilant like the stars

Jet black
Black like soul
Sensual like poetry
Made from melanin

A survivor of waves of terror
A victim of an onslaught
Biochemical warfare
Cyber attacks
Yet intact I remain
A foetus in a SCRABBLE bag

My spirit ancient
Touched by ancestral spirits
Gifted a task

Writing because
The spirits have something to say
Expressing thoughts you fear to voice

Writing because
I love you

Wish I was pitch black with an Afro
Beautifully dressed in velvet coat
Treading the terrain like a panther
Walking upright in a black leather coat

No misgivings
Though coffee coloured
Wish I was dark like the universe
Black ‘n proud

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit