the future

Reading my palms like an encyclopaedia
Searching for a heads up on the future
The red paths on my white palms signalling a danger ahead
Streams of veins forming an intricate network
A complex highway interchange
Rubbing my hands in tentative anticipation of what’s to come
Society making us sick with its protocols
Forced to work all the time like farm labourers
Imprisoned by an unnatural pastime
In order to amass more than we need
Driving some of us crazy with depression and hypertension
Breaking our backs with stress fractures
A nervous breakdown one pill away
The most mentally deprived people are the normal ones
The perfect citizens with medical insurance and life assurance
Oblivious to the dangers of the mainstream
Voting for different people with the same corporate mandate
Life has no guarantees
Going back and forth like ants on the job
Whilst I am busy swinging gently like a pendulum
My tongue skiing on the slopes of my ice cream cone
Enjoying a cold treat in the middle of winter
Going against the grain
Watching society commit suicide
Placing people in a pressure cooker
Whilst the status quo cooks the books
Tempers with the history as it occurred
Contaminates the future of drinking water
Making my way back to the future
Returning to the ways of my ancestors
Securing the soul of my people
Peace of mind a greater priority
Far ahead of expensive real estate and it’s material appendages
Safeguarding what belongs to me in my ark
My rebellious mind depriving me of vanity
My roots anchoring me in anticipation of a great flood
When all the feeble people will be washed away
Washed away by pollution infested waters
The city can drive you crazy with its hustle and bustle
Losing your mind is acceptable
But losing your soul is a completely different chapter altogether

knox mahlaba
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit
Copyright © 2015

Photo: Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, Ruimsig, Johannesburg, South Africa


one day

One day soon
In the distant future
In the near future
You’ll wake up
Wake up to the fact of the madness
Appreciate the choreography of your surroundings
Your mirror image dancing on the stage
You on some reality show
Your reflection staring at you
Looking you straight in the eye
You’ll open your eyes for a change
Wake up to the guise of reality
The reality of the illusion
The tightness of the blindfold
The after taste of propaganda
Until then
Enjoy the slumber

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit

tower of babel

Everything that goes up must come down
Newton’s discovery an accident of nature
A natural phenomenon
One day money will fall like the Tower of Babel
Not just the value of a currency
But money as a whole
Fall like an apple off a tree
And people will rise
Regain their lost dignity
Become important again
Super cede profit margins
Matter once again
Like the faces on the dollar bills
The general on the franc
The queen on the pound
Your street will be just as important as Wall Street
So we can have fewer people on the streets
Shorter lines in soup kitchens
Everybody in a house somewhere
Doing their best to make it a home
Bring back our old folks from Florida
Grandchildren spoiled by grandparents
Family playing with family
Gravity must intervene soon
Force us to become people again
Tap into our greatest natural resource
The human spirit
Mold us into a community of nations
Citizens of the world
When the tower comes down
We’ll cease to kill each other for nature’s wares
We’ll build bridges
Extend a hand of friendship
Liberate the human spirit
And speak with one voice

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit

africa for africans

All of Africa
Every single grain
Each and every soul
Fatigued by your antics

Tired of playing games
Slavery, colonialism, apartheid

Tired of your costume parties
Dressed in a cloak and dagger
Men in black
Mercenaries seeking executive outcomes

Tired of your helping hand
Plagued by foreign backed coup d’etats
Frightened by Ebola
Ravaged by Aids
Sankara was right
Foreign Aid kills`

Tired of your war games
Biochemical warfare
Insurgents made for television
Turning this vast continent into an exercise training ground

All of Africa
Each and every grain
Belongs to the people
Africa for Africans

Leaving your fingerprints everywhere
The stench of dead bodies everywhere you go
Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya

Forever manipulating behind the scenes
Mbeki was the first to go
Followed by the Renaissance

Ghaddafi killed for his audacity
Afro currency
All Africa Central Bank

Kufuor and Zenawi eliminated
Gbagbo and Morsi sidelined
All replaced with puppets
Libya burning

Oh Brutus
Who killed Sankara

Mugabe a stalwart
Protecting the Zimbabwe Ruins
Defending our birth right
The land is our heritage

All of Africa
Every lake, river, waterfall
Tired of your games

Though their foreign policy has a silencer on the end
We shall continue to raise our concerns
Speak up
Death only but a detour
Africa is our continent

Oh Judas
Who sold me down the river

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014

Author –  Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit