fairy tale

cry wolf

The world is silent to my tears
Deaf to the plight of the voiceless
Blind to cries for help
When my voice loses its pitch
Decreases in volume
Drowned by the establishment
As I try to breathe
Gasp for a pint of air
Will you recognise my goat wails
My pleas for help from behind the veil of a choke hold
Should a strong uniformed arm over power me
Place my fragile neck in a vice grip
Will you document the proceedings
Just in case the surroundings decide to do me in
Should the most probable occur
Don’t look away
Place your recording on record
As my corpse is placed on trial
Castigated for my dress style
Persecuted because I wore a hoodie
Please highlight my side of the story
Or at the very least
Allow me to state my case in absentia
Tell ‘em I ain’t no thug
When the world ignores my cries
Trying to breath is no crime
Mistaken for resisting arrest
Tell ‘em I have ghetto mentality
I don’t do no fairy tales
I don’t play no cry wolf
I am dying


punctuated pauses

I could fall in love with you
Share a magic carpet in a fairy tale
Float in the clouds
Fall in love with you
Just to watch your lips
Whisper softly
Move with fluency
Express eloquence
Articulating an opinion
Fall in love with you some more
Watch you eat cake
Sing a melody
Blow bubbles
Entertain babble speak
Your lips like your eyes
For no particular reason
Only because they’re yours
And everything you touch turns into awesomeness
Baby I could fall in love with you over and over
So I could be near when you make incomprehensible sounds
Hear you moan
Listen to your playlist of words
Punctuated pauses
Elegant words
Sensual phrases
Bitch if you have to
So I could shut you up
With a dab on your lips
Followed by a deep passionate kiss
Kiss you ‘til you learn to speak in tongues
Colour my lips with your lipstick
I am in love with you

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit