person of interest

Walking on desolate roads
Going nowhere on a dusty back road
Leaving everything behind
Everything I own on my back
In my backpack
Homeless apart from my memories
A citizen of no man’s land
Without country of belonging
No passport
No visa
My plight headline news
The source of my plight an open secret
The open wound that doesn’t heal
A refugee wherever I go
Even in the country of my birth
I am a refugee
A consequence of your foreign policy
A good Samaritan
Returning the favour
Impacting on your way of life
A reluctant migrant
A human being nonetheless
A person of interest

Knox Mahlaba
Author -Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit
Copyright © 2015

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africa for africans

All of Africa
Every single grain
Each and every soul
Fatigued by your antics

Tired of playing games
Slavery, colonialism, apartheid

Tired of your costume parties
Dressed in a cloak and dagger
Men in black
Mercenaries seeking executive outcomes

Tired of your helping hand
Plagued by foreign backed coup d’etats
Frightened by Ebola
Ravaged by Aids
Sankara was right
Foreign Aid kills`

Tired of your war games
Biochemical warfare
Insurgents made for television
Turning this vast continent into an exercise training ground

All of Africa
Each and every grain
Belongs to the people
Africa for Africans

Leaving your fingerprints everywhere
The stench of dead bodies everywhere you go
Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya

Forever manipulating behind the scenes
Mbeki was the first to go
Followed by the Renaissance

Ghaddafi killed for his audacity
Afro currency
All Africa Central Bank

Kufuor and Zenawi eliminated
Gbagbo and Morsi sidelined
All replaced with puppets
Libya burning

Oh Brutus
Who killed Sankara

Mugabe a stalwart
Protecting the Zimbabwe Ruins
Defending our birth right
The land is our heritage

All of Africa
Every lake, river, waterfall
Tired of your games

Though their foreign policy has a silencer on the end
We shall continue to raise our concerns
Speak up
Death only but a detour
Africa is our continent

Oh Judas
Who sold me down the river

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014

Author –  Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


Each time my mind goes awol
My pen goes on strike
Leaving my heart desolate
Isolated from the world
Unable to pump blood to the body
Arteries running dry
The ink in my pen idle
Despite the body of evidence
My mind just wanders
Going on a walkabout
Searching for peace and quiet
Wandering through the galaxy
Searching for inspiration
My body lifeless
Compressed with unexpressed emotion
My heart unimpressed
Frustrated by lingering thoughts
Encoded feelings
My mind absentminded
Not giving a damn
Unwilling to decipher what the heart feels
Too lazy to put it on paper
Lay it bare for the soul
Put it up for scrutiny
For some reason am too damn logical
If it ain’t on paper
In black ‘n white
It don’t exist
Too much grey area
Too many in between the lines
If you should meet my mind
Come across a wandering mind
Please notify my heart
For the pen is no slave
Wanting inspiration from heart
The heart demanding the same from the mind
Relying on grey matter to deliver the message
Allowing the heart space
Giving it a canvas to go wild
Paint a picture of meaningless strokes
Until the mind comes back
All the pieces on the floor
Waiting for the puzzle to be completed
Asking God to intervene
Summon a posse of angels
A search party
My mind wonders
Amazed by little things
The beauty of the universe lies in appreciation
Requiring an expedition party
To search all the corners of the universe
Look under stars, if necessary
Peruse the fine print
Bring a prodigal son home
Play matchmaker
Attach my mind to my body
Appease the heart
Liberate the ink stuck in my pen
Manage the flood of emotion
Let them gush out like angry water
Promote freedom of expression

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author of Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit