gifted hands

keep your eyes opened
sometimes gifted hands
are poisoned tongue
full of venomous propaganda
pity how gifted hands can disappoint
guilty of drinking from a poisoned chalice
suffering from the comfort of the mansion
under the control of glorified slavery
forgetting those picking cotton
in the sweltering heat of the plantation
pity how potential can disappoint
glorify slavery for a few minutes in the spotlight
ridicule ancestral pain
sometimes the tools of the system
look like me and you

Knox Mahlaba
Author -Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit
Copyright © 2015

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person of interest

Walking on desolate roads
Going nowhere on a dusty back road
Leaving everything behind
Everything I own on my back
In my backpack
Homeless apart from my memories
A citizen of no man’s land
Without country of belonging
No passport
No visa
My plight headline news
The source of my plight an open secret
The open wound that doesn’t heal
A refugee wherever I go
Even in the country of my birth
I am a refugee
A consequence of your foreign policy
A good Samaritan
Returning the favour
Impacting on your way of life
A reluctant migrant
A human being nonetheless
A person of interest

Knox Mahlaba
Author -Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit
Copyright © 2015

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cry wolf

The world is silent to my tears
Deaf to the plight of the voiceless
Blind to cries for help
When my voice loses its pitch
Decreases in volume
Drowned by the establishment
As I try to breathe
Gasp for a pint of air
Will you recognise my goat wails
My pleas for help from behind the veil of a choke hold
Should a strong uniformed arm over power me
Place my fragile neck in a vice grip
Will you document the proceedings
Just in case the surroundings decide to do me in
Should the most probable occur
Don’t look away
Place your recording on record
As my corpse is placed on trial
Castigated for my dress style
Persecuted because I wore a hoodie
Please highlight my side of the story
Or at the very least
Allow me to state my case in absentia
Tell ‘em I ain’t no thug
When the world ignores my cries
Trying to breath is no crime
Mistaken for resisting arrest
Tell ‘em I have ghetto mentality
I don’t do no fairy tales
I don’t play no cry wolf
I am dying

pitch black afro

Dark like earth
Wish I was dark like the universe
Watching Earth like the moon
Vigilant like the stars

Jet black
Black like soul
Sensual like poetry
Made from melanin

A survivor of waves of terror
A victim of an onslaught
Biochemical warfare
Cyber attacks
Yet intact I remain
A foetus in a SCRABBLE bag

My spirit ancient
Touched by ancestral spirits
Gifted a task

Writing because
The spirits have something to say
Expressing thoughts you fear to voice

Writing because
I love you

Wish I was pitch black with an Afro
Beautifully dressed in velvet coat
Treading the terrain like a panther
Walking upright in a black leather coat

No misgivings
Though coffee coloured
Wish I was dark like the universe
Black ‘n proud

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2014
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit

African Americans and their spiritual home


Africa’s development should be uppermost in the minds of African Americans because they too require a spiritual home like all the other minorities in the United States of America.

German Americans, Italian Americans, Irish Americans, Polish Americans, Greek Americans, etc from time to time take pilgrimages to their mother countries for cultural exchange; African American children should be afforded the same opportunity to meet their kinfolk in inspiring surroundings of an African landscape without fear of abduction, wars and disease.

Cultural exchange between Africans and African Americans would be beneficial both parties. Mainstream media often highlights the negatives of both communities, thus direct interaction would go long wy in breaking stereotypes ad misinformation.

President Obama visited Kenya in his childhood; his trips to Africa benefited him and had positive effect on his self esteem. If Africa was good enough for a youthful Obama, then surely it would be great for disillusioned innercity kids and the offspring of the affluent alike.