after life

IMG_20160320_142801Before the earth swallows me
And the maggots come to my party
I want to dance at the top of the mountain
My body trapped by the drum
Caught in a state of trance
Singing in a tongue native to my lips
Only audible to the spirits
When the heavens hear me
Let it rain
Soft droplets of water massaging the surface
Wiping the sweat of my forehead
As I stomp my foot into the ground
Thump the area below my feet
Awaken my ancestors
Hoist my spear aloft in recognition
Of the luxury of being alive
Singing praises to the most high
Let my voice be heard in the deepest of caverns
If it were up to me
My voice would be etched onto the cave wall
A message to future generations
Life never changes
Despite the complication of technology
Modernisation is a mirage
All a soul wants is a quiet resting place
Somewhere it calls home
A nook in the mountain side
When my time comes
Don’t shed any tears
Let the heavens come down hard
Wrap me in a moist cow skin
And let me rest as I lived
Allow me to sit upright in a cave reserved for royalty
Amongst the bravest of warriors
Because I was a soldier in my own battle
Amongst my people
A king in my language
Cos my vocabulary is my habitat
We’ll meet in the after life

knox mahlaba
Copyright © 2016
Author of Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit
+Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit

Photo Credt: knox mahlaba Copyright © 2016



I want to go far away
A distance from the smog
Get out of these shoes
Retire from the formality of the pin stripe
This tie reminds me of a noose
I want to go somewhere
Where I’ll greet each sunrise like an Olympic event
Tie my boot laces
Climb hostile terrain
Live on a ranch
Off the grid
Deep in the woods somewhere
Spot wildlife unexpectedly
Chase after impala
Only to see its beauty at a closer vantage point
Smell the taste of the range
Embrace the width of the plain
Go back into time
Light a lantern
Sit on a porch listening to crickets
And the rest of the night time choir
Look into the eyes of the pitch dark forest
Circumvent fear
And the associated trepidation of introspection
Find my soul somewhere in the solitude of the forest
Hone my archery capability
Give nature what it has given me
Balance the scales ever so lightly
Earn a livelihood hunting poachers
Kill trophy hunters for a sport
Enjoy the olympics

knox mahlaba
Copyright © 2016
Author of Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit
+Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit
Photo credit: knox mahlaba © 2016

open seas

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I saw you by chance
Your beautiful eyes looked past me
I on the other hand was swallowed up by your gaze
Your radiant eyes are an ocean
A sea of mystery
I drown in the white of your eyes
The winds of love are erratic
Much like storms that govern the open seas
Will I survive on my little wooden raft
Ever since I laid my eyes on the flesh that carries your soul
I sail the seas of hope
Wishing to arrive at the shore where your heart rests
My heart is a sailor dying from scurvy
Starved of reciprocation
Lacking life’s ultimate vitamin
Before your eyes embrace my wish
Before your eyes wipe the tears from mine
Please don’t blink
My hopes might dissipate in the dark of your eyelids
Don’t let the audacity of hope drown in a sea of emptiness

knox mahlaba
Copyright © 2016
Author of Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit
+Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit


Tulips in Keukenhof GardensLove is invisible
Elusive to those seeking it
Abundant to those passing by
Pointless running after it
Love is a feather floating in the wind
Play hide ‘n seek
And it will find you
Perch itself on your back like a bat on a cave wall
Your love letter is on its way
Maybe in the mail
An innocuous clash of trolleys at the grocery store
Followed by the smile you’ve been waiting a life time for
The smile that illuminates your world
Love is the reason we stay alive
When the pendulum swings your way
Hold on for dear life
It’s bungee jumping without the safety procedures
When love grabs hold of you
Don’t run away
Love is a drone
Without love
Life is a bud that died too soon
An empty promise

knox mahlaba
Copyright © 2016
Author of Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit



The blind date was an eye opener
Dinner danced on the tips of our tongues
The conversation flowed
Wine wetted the appetite
Loosed our hang ups
Her lips covered in an audacious red
Company sparkling
The atmosphere pleasant
Awkward moments kept themselves to a bare minimum
The bill was settled by the gentleman
As we were about to part ways
Our lips met
She pulled me into her cab
Her apartment was cosy
Reminiscent of a country cabin
Our garments excused themselves
I parted her legs
Kissed her
Until she parted company with her senses
Her limbs climbed my torso like ivy on a perimeter wall
Didn’t know dessert would out do dinner
We danced until the wee hours
Didn’t know I was the dessert
The pudding was out of this world
Had seconds
Helped myself to some more
She was insatiable
In the morning we had an after party
Wish last night was every night

knox mahlaba
Copyright © 2016
Author of Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit

private dancer

She was sublime
She danced her way into my heart
Enchanting a lonely soul
Capturing my imagination
Surpassing all expectations
She was my private dancer
An opinionated woman
Very articulate
Using body language
To make her intentions known
Arresting my attention
Teasing and taunting me
Getting what she wanted
She was gifted
Blessed with rhythm
The right proportions
Pulverizing the pole
A demon in bed
She was the lady in my life
Holding my hand
As we made our way to heaven
Or on the side walk
She dominated me like a lady should
Adding softness to a harsh existence
Changing my perspective
She comforted me like no other
Never mind she was beautiful
She was mine
Heart and soul
She gave me a mouthful of hugs
Mandatory goodbye kisses
Extraordinary French kisses
When she stepped on my toes
She would recalibrate me
The make-up sex was to die for
Her routine between the sheets was anything but routine
She was the love of my life
Going beyond the call of duty
Making me happy
Giving me something to smile about
Giving me what I wanted
Though her kisses were priceless
It was her presence that mesmerized my imagination
Her presence in my life was an eternal lap dance
She is the lady in my life
My private dancer

knox mahlaba
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit
Copyright © 2015

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that night

The moonlight lit our faces
Our lips locked
She loosened my tie
Undid my shirt
Unbuckled my belt
Her hand made its way below
Feeling my armoury
Playing with my jewels
We kissed
Continued to kiss like teenagers
Our mouths not perturbed
Nor distracted
I unclipped her bra
Removed her top
Cupped her breasts
Unzipped her skirt
Watched it form a puddle around her ankles
I kissed her everywhere else
She returned the favour with interest
That night we redecorated her kitchen
Illuminated my world
We danced in the moonlight
Made love standing
Against the counter
By the stove
Up against the refrigerator
That night
She was amazing
That night
She gave as good as she got
That night
Deserves a standing ovation

Copyright © knox mahlaba 2015
Author – Back From The Dead: The Rising of an African Spirit

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